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Fishing alone with the nature
Address: Bokhnyaka St.10, office 15, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Kamchatka region, Russia, 683031
Phone/fax: +7 (41522) 5-10-21, mobile: +7 909 835 3530, Email: traverstour@yandex.ru

Fishing on rivers of Kamchatka:

Rivers on the map of Kamchatka


Tours in Kamchatka

Recommendations for a fisher

1. General information

1.1. If you are going to fish in Kamchatka, you should better know that you can get to the main town of the peninsula - Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky, only by plane. Airplane lands at the airport in the Yelizovo town (30 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky). The airport connects Kamchatka region with cities of Russia – Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Samara, Novosibirsk, Magadan, Krasnoyarsk, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Irkyutsk and with population aggregates at the Kamchatsky kray – Ozernaya, Sobolevo, Ust-Kamchatsk, Nikolskoe, Palana, Ossora, Tigil, Tillichiky, Ust-Khayryuzovo.

1.2. Welcome at the airport and delivery to the beginning of fishing

1.2.1. It is necessary to inform us about your arrival before hand and to give us information about the number of your flight, the date of flight, the airport of departure. This information is important for your reception arrangement.

1.2.2. Nonstandard reception is stipulated additionally with the firm representative.

1.3. Services included in the price:

1.3.1. Services included in price of the tour are listed in the description of each program.

1.3.2. Services that are not included in the program are to be extra paid.

1.4. It is essentially to carry:

1.4.1. Identity papers, insurance policy.

1.4.2. Personal stuff and equipment:

- Hydra-bag, backpack or bag for personal stuff, sleeping bag (t up to -10°С), inflatable mattress or polyurethane mat, wader trousers or wader boots, spare shoes, wind and water proof jacket with a hood, a set of warm clothes (coat, sweater, trousers, socks, cap, gloves), raincoat, light headwear, bathing accessories, personal care items, sun glasses, protection against blood-sucking insects, sun protection; personal medicine chest.

- Fishing rod and tackles (swinging and rotating spinners (spinner size: 3, 4, 5), sink wobblers (colors: white with red, orange with red), flies, mice and etc.)

1.4.3. Fishers put unnecessary things during the tour to the cloakroom at the hotel or give to the representative of the firm. Valuable stuff is to be deposited in a hotel safe.

1.5. Accommodation

1.5.1. Staying at the hotel and at the base camp is in double rooms according to the program.

1.5.2. Accommodation during the route is in double tents. A firm personnel is responsible for putting the tents up.

1.6. Meals

1.6.1. During fishing the personnel of the firm is responsible for meals preparation. There are three meals a day. Meals are prepared at the campfire or on the gas fryer.

1.6.2. Meals in the town and at the recreation center in the café or in the restaurant are paid singly by a tourist and are not included in the tour price. Breakfast at the hotel is included in the cost of accommodation. But it is possible that at some of recreation centers breakfast is not included in the price of accommodation!

1.6.3. If a fisher is a vegetarian or has an allergy to any product it is necessary to inform about it in advance.

1.7. Equipment

1.7.1. Fishers are provided with equipment for a group (16-18 feet long rafts, life jackets, kitchen-tent for 12 persons, generator (for the camp illumination and battery charging), toilet-tent, satellite phone for urgent connection with the town.

1.7.2. Regardless Kamchatka’s bears rarely show their aggression towards people, in any way, we take with us a rifle for our tourists’ protection.

1.8. Services upon the program

1.8.1. Our customers are served by qualified and skilled guides, who possess a high boating technique and have a broad experience in fishing tours performance.

1.8.2. We allow not more than 3 persons in a raft. The guide leads the raft with two single-bank oar, that’s why there is no need for a fisher to participate in rowing.

High professionalism of our personnel is a guaranty of your excellent recreation.

1.8.3. The guide is obliged to acquaint you with the safety regulations on the route. Гид обязан ознакомить Вас с правилами безопасности на маршруте. Attentively familiarize yourself with those regulations and sign your name in the safety instruction register.

1.8.4. For the tourist personal safety we supply rafts with life jackets and insistently recommend to put them on during rafting.

1.8.5. All the questions connected with the service quality are solved promptly with the senior guide. If it is impossible to solve the problems promptly “the act of the reception quality infringement” should be made in written form where unfulfilled points of the program or the contract are to be indicated. The act is directed to the tour operator.

1.9. Medical service: a standard medicine chest is given on the route and also our personnel possess skills of first aid providing. We would recommend you to have your own personal medicine chest.

We do not require any special physical training for participation in our tours. Hence, tourists that have problems with their health should conscious we are not able to provide them with medical care in full value in wild nature conditions. Personal health of the tourist is his own responsibility.

Customers must have with them medical insurance policy and accident insurance. Medical insurance is included in the tour cost.

1.10. The rules of sport fishing

Salmon and mikizha haul on the Kamchatsky kray territory is allowed only under licence. Total amount of hauled fish under licence is not limited, but local regulations of sport fishing require following the rule “catch and then let go”, it means that all caught fish should be accurately unhooked and returned in the river alive. As a trophy or for preparing meals it is allowed to take one salmon per licence.

We adhere to the idea of careful treatment of the wild nature and there is an obligatory term for participation in our tours that is to keep to the principle “catch and then let go” and use on the fishing tackle only single hook without driftpin.

1.11. Change in the program

In the case of non-flying weather the program of the tour can be changed.

Accommodation and meals expenses for every ultra program day staying at the town are extra charged in accordance with actual costing.